Yannick Wende
Yannick Wende
Art Student from Nuremberg, Germany

Yannick Wende

Art Student from Nuremberg, Germany


About Me

Currently based in Nuremberg, Yannick Wende (1986) is studying Fine Arts there since the year 2010, focussed on entre-european political and social thematics.

After his graduation in 2016, he plans to head back to Hungary to participate in the DLA programm at the MKE, Budapest.
Yannick is Meisterschüler at the class for conceptual art in Nuremberg, Germany.


What We Do:

•Run national networks & regular meetings of young cultural-rekated professionals
•Contribute to the yearly European Cultural Parliament session
•Develop partnerships to deliver transnational cultural projects
•Create synergies with established European Cultural Parliament members


visitez ma tente 2011, Paris
Akademiegalerie der bildenden Künste Nürnberg 2013
Memento 2014, Budapest
Pretty Vacant 2014
A drop of Europe 2014
Jahresausstellung 2015
Kunstrasenfestival 2015
Macademia 2016, Nürnberg
Heimat, 2016
Offen auf AEG, 2016
ConsumArt 2016
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